What's The Art of Sunday?

How can people as brilliant, creative, and fun as we are be living anything but our best ever life? How can people as passionate, talented and driven as we are be anywhere but as high as the noonday sun?

Hard to believe, but it happens.

So how do we get ourselves right?

With a promise.

The Art of Sunday is a Promise...

Every moment and piece we share with you
is from our core:
You don't have to promise us anything,
but please promise yourself that you will
follow your sun.

Promises, Promises

Promise you'll let creativity and adventure flow.

When you promise to create and let adventure flow, you give yourself permission to see the world with new eyes and the courage to act in ways that might surprise you.

Promise you’ll visit all those places on the map you first saw as a kid. (Yes, that includes the astronomy maps!)

As kids, we don't wait for permission to follow our guts, and we don't ask forgiveness for following our hearts. When you promise to take the journeys you always wanted, you dare to be bold, come what may and hell to pay!

Promise you'll love yourself even at your lowest point.

This is the easiest promise to make, and the hardest promise to keep. In spite of that, learn to love yourself and keep trying no matter how many times you trip. You only fail when you quit.

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Behind the art of sunday

Xabaka is a wanderlusty futurist who helps aspiring expats overcome their fears of living abroad by providing expert research coupled with real life experience.