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Featured Article

Impostor Syndrome: Do I Deserve My Bounty?

You set up in your new space. You acknowledge how far you've come. You caption your photo #MadeIt..... So why does it feel like they know you're a fake and it's all gonna vanish any minute now?

Learn to drop the mask for good

Praia de Sossego: A Lesson in Activity

"Nailed it," said God, probably, on my behalf. It's not a spoiler because if I can write about it, I obviously survived this journey that should have killed my lethargy-ridden self.

See how I almost died on a beautiful beach!

Your Carnival Kit: What to Pack to Party

You have 2 checked luggage, 1 carry-on luggage, and a personal bag. Can we make this happen? You bet your sweet-and-salty ass we can!

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When Brega Funks You Up

Brega-Funk is the rhythm of the season and artists from the margins are having a moment. Listen to what the rhythms of the freshest parties have to tell you.

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Havaianas & Other Gifts

If you're as paralyzed as I am when it comes to gift-giving, here's a guide that might help you. Geez, where was I when I needed my help getting gifts?!

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Recife-isms: Speak Recifense!

There's some stuff that's so uniquely Nordestino, so uniquely Pernambucano, so uniquely Recifense that it deserves it's own video. So here it is!

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Recife Carnival and Frevo Music
There's a famous saying: For Carnival the world goes to Rio, but those in Rio go to Recife. Recife Carnival is a breed all its own. Get a glimpse of Recife Carnival and the magic of it's music: Frevo.
Grip your rainbow parasol and leap into a split!
June 28, 2019
Travel Deeply
Some people prefer to hit every city in a new country, while others prefer a single place to slowly branch outward from. Learn more about deep travel.
Consider how you can deepen your travel
June 26, 2019
Hey, Beautiful: Feel Good, Look Good!
Beauty is a state of mind that expresses itself in our actions and appearance. The better we nourish and take care of ourselves, the more radiant we become.
Learn to be beautiful!
May 14, 2019