Sunday Feira

 /’feɪ•ɾa/ • noun
An open-air street market featuring fruits, tools, clothes and the loveliest connections you'll ever make.

Every moment and piece we share with you is from the core sentiment we'll repeat time and time again: Vibe higher.

Always vibing higher

Recife Carnival and Frevo Music

There's a famous saying: For Carnival the world goes to Rio, but those in Rio go to Recife. Recife Carnival is a breed all its own. Get a glimpse of Recife Carnival and the magic of it's music: Frevo.

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High vibes and harmony

Learn why The Art of Sunday was founded just for you and why your success is our success.

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Travel adventures

I'm not THAT d@mn thrity!

"Nailed it," said God, probably, on my behalf. It's not a spoiler because if I can write about it, I obviously survived this journey that should have killed my lethargy-ridden self.

See how I survived!